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The Opportunity

Strategic Metals are the backbone of manufacturing in the 21st century. When you own strategic metals & rare earths as physical assets, you own the downstream raw materials that ultimately become trillions of dollars in upstream GDP in high-tech products such as mobile phones, electric cars, wind turbines, solar power, jet engines, computer chips, fibre optic cables, and many more.

Strategic Metals are crucial to all nations’ economic prosperity and, increasingly, security capabilities!

But … supply is limited, and China monopolizes close to 80% of production.

You can benefit from this situation by purchasing these strategic metals as tangible assets.

Invest in Rare Earth Elements and Metals for Industry

Key Benefits:

  • You purchase a physical tangible asset (similar to buying gold bullion bars) which is considered to be inflation and crisis proof.
  • The value of your asset is purely based on the demand and supply, and not on its perceived value (i.e. the value of your asset is not correlated with the stock market).
  • The demand for your asset is strong and growing as strategic metals are needed in many high-tech products whose own demand is increasing with the growing world population, the industrialization of emerging countries and various government policies.
  • The supply of your asset is finite and 80% is coming from China who are stockpiling and considering export restrictions. These technology metals and rare earth elements are considered “critical” to economic and national security by Europe, the US, and other industrialized nations.
  • You purchase direct from one of the best-known global dealers in technology metals and rare earth elements (i.e. no middleman) and receive proof of ownership which comes with an industrial certification (min. purchase amount is $10,000).

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    Purchase Options

    The 5 technology metals and 4 rare earth elements we offer to private clients are those which, based on more than 25 years of experience in the industry, are considered the best tangible assets for investors in the medium and long term.

    These are:

    Technology Metals

    Metals critical to the high-tech, renewable energy, aviation, and military sectors.

    Rare Earth Elements

    4 rare earths whose supply is controlled for 80% by China and which are considered critical to several industries.

    renewable energy metals investment basket
    high-tech technology metals investment basket
    military aviation metals investment basket

    You can purchase them in any combination, and our metal experts will be happy to help you choose (min. purchase $10,000). A popular choice is a basket of all metals & rare earths (up 90% since 1st Jan 2020).

    We also offer precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium, iridium, and ruthenium), allowing you to further diversify your portfolio and preserve your wealth.

    Why us?

    Why purchase strategic metals through us and our business partner TRADIUM:

    No Intermediaries

    Buy direct from leading certified importer. All metals and rare earths come direct from producers with complete supply chain guaranteed.

    Benefit from 25+ Years Experience

    The selection offered to private investors is optimally matched in form and purity to the requirements of the industry, so they are most likely to appreciate in value and can be liquidated easily.

    Optimal Storage

    Your technology metals and rare earth elements are stored according to banking level standards. They remain in their original packaging so they can be sold quickly to the industrial customers.
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